kalbya al khafak



  • ya,i understand you now,i think you are right.it won`t give the same meaning in english and it will be very hard to adjust the tune.
    anyway your work is really great.we hope to get more and more and don`t give up easily.god help you.
  • Sorry shnooda I think you misunderstood me, I wanted to know if anyone had this song in audio. Thank you.
  • ok christ,you can find it audio in arabic here
    it is file 12-13-14-15-16
    and you will find other songs of pope shnoda`s poems


    i hope that this is what you want.
  • Thank you soo much... ;D
  • welcome any time,
  • Sydny, are you there??
  • [center]My throbbing heart[/center]

    My throbbing heart has become Your home, in my chest is Your dwelling place

    I have left the world and its pleasures and abandoned all, so I may live with You

    I have no thought nor opinion nor any desire but to follow You

    And my father Jacob, I know his secret; I know now how he wrestled You

    O kind-heart, how sweet are You, mighty above all, feared, O how glorious are you

    O mighty One, with a whip in your palm and your overflowing love makes you cry and weep for us

    The world couldn’t contain You, how small it is, how then can the heart befit You?

    I have left the world and its pleasures and abandoned all, so I may live with You

    I have left all Lord except You, In the sojourn of my life I have none but You.

    And my thoughts I prevented from wandering, so wherever you are there my thoughts will be

    I have forgotten family and friends, and also I forgot myself, in Your love

    I have forgotten all in Your love, O the heart’s joy, so don’t forsake Your child

    You are not far from my spirit that is in the calmness of silence await for Your call

    Truly in heavens is your dwelling place, but every heart that lived in love is also your heaven

    Here is my eye; I have closed it, from seeing all so I could see you

    And likewise my ear, I have cleared it from chat of all people, so I could hear Your voice

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