Random Questions!

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Heey guys...
dis isnt really my account its my bros but he let me ask something just cause im too lazy to make my own one....

i have a few random questions...

ummmm, firstly..
1. is there a site or something in which i could get arabic and english taraneem cause i really loooove those??? if anyone knows a couple of sites, id really appreciate the feedback...(other than this site k?)

2. I was at youth group and an interesting thought hit me...we were reading the bible and/or getting examples to backup the lesson and it was all refering to men!!!! like it was all..."If man shall...or When all MEN are...Men shall be....uno men!! then one of the girls was like so is the bible like sexist???? not meaning it offensively offcourse!!! soo i started thinking...i mean y is it all about men???? and y couldn't there be WO-men disciples...WO-men leaders uno??? i just dont feel it to be very equal....when i know that GOd loves us the same...so ya sum answers pwez!!!

3. WHY THE SUFFERING??? this was also a topic at youth group....(seems to be the place making problems lol) ok what i mean is....abouna for example...hes in black..im told that that is because he devoted his life to God and is therefore DEAD TO THE WORLD...but that doesnt make sense to me...because theoritically if God made the world for us sooooooo wonderful so that we can enjoy it..why would someone choose to live dead to the beautifully created world that GOD HIMSELF made for us to live in...im sure that He would have wanted us to enjoy it and make the most of it rite?????

4. WILL ASPECTS OF OUR CHURCH NEVER CHANGE??? i love our church and all but simple rules and traditions sort of annoy me to be quite honest..like
(a) why is it that men and women are seperated during the mass??? i mean we all come together as ONE to hear the word of GOD and therefore if we are truely together why let materialistic things get in the way we do things???
(b) this one is similar to (a) but why are we seperated for communion???? Again we come together to recieve the body and blood of our lord Jesus Christ...why then are we seperated as such???

5. In the holy Bible...it speaks about entering heaven if ONLY we are baptised the way that WE (the Orthodox) are...im abit confused on that one because i believe that all christians (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Anglican...etc) that have a strong relationship with God will also enter heaven...i know GOD is the one to Judge and he judges every1 according to their hearts tho so i ges i just sort of contridicted myself in a way...

I promise dat was the last one for 2day hehehe...
God bless ya'll
Cheers big ears!


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