Can I change my FOC?

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I feel really uncomfortable with my FOC. I don't feel like he's giving ME advice, it's like he's telling me somthing he tells everyone. He's a great priest, but I have a very very strong feeling that I'd be better off confessing with another priest. I haven't confessed in a long time and I know I'd feel better confessing with one priest rather than my FOc. So My question is : Can I can change my FOC based on what I just mentioned?


  • You can change ur FOC....but ur old FOC has to know that u just found a new one...I don't think they ask for a reason thou...but he has to know.
  • you can change anytym but u shud try 2 find 1 u really like cuz the 1 ur guna b w/ the longest is guna no more bout u and more of wut is good 4 u and the new 1 might not know u as much.
  • oh yeh i agree with Monica, i think you can change him but THIS time take a good choice but i don't think that he'd ask you why!!
    i think i've got a similar case but my FOC just listen 2 me and that's it but he's not bad it's just cos he's too busy i think
    so may be U just need 2 think about it and pray that u might find the 1 that you'd think is the better
    God be with u
    your sister monica2
    tip: -cos my friend is Monica101 ;) aren't u?
  • you kno i have the same problem, i was actually at the eccyc convention this summer and i confessed to one of the fathers there.. he was spectacular so i decided to make him My Foc jus recenet and i still hav eto go tell my old one.. very nervous in a way but ill manage Hes awesome

    pray for me
  • its k... jsut change him... if hes bizy he wont even notice ;D
  • which wat lol
  • [quote author=MarMar91 link=board=1;threadid=2268;start=0#msg34471 date=1123528657]

    but wouldn't it be embarassing if he did ask for a reason :-[

    I agree it would be really embarassing, but you dont have to tell them why you want to switch. He has to respect your decision as well..
  • i think you can change him cause tahts a very good reason but i dont think that u shouldnt tell him some of ur problems!
  • oo the priest that i made my foc was abouna Ibrahim
  • ya, i actaully wanted to change my FOC.. but I didnt want to tell ABouna cuz I didnt want to hurt his feelings.. or make him seem that he didn't do a good job..

    there is nothing wrong with telling your FOC that you want to chang it is a personal thing!he can't even ask you!i guess?
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