Baba Kyrillos and the lion

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Hi ;)
Can someone explain a little bit more about baba kyrillos and the lion. I actually have a copy of that photo when baba Kyrillos was in ethiopia and there is a lion in the pic. When i was younger i heard a story that once a wild lion came to baba kyrillos and he spoke to it, and it suddenly became tame. Also that people could then always go and touch the lion, and that it worked as is protector. Is this exactly right? Or is the story a little different? If anyone knows i would honestly appreciate it! Rabana Maak!


  • I think the story u are talking about is when he was in the ta7oona...and a wolf or something of that kind came in because he didn't have a door to it, so he prayerd and it just stanted still, and i guess he was giving it coffee too or something like tht

    i have seen the pic of pope kryollis with the lion, but i have no idea what's the story behind it
  • Matt88, you say that u have that pic...Can you post it please...Sounds very interesting ;D

  • The pic of Baba Kyrillos is posted now (there is also a slightly clearer version on I know about the wolf stories, of them coming to the windmill, and sleeping outside, and people often seeing them etc. But the story of baba kyrillos and the lion is definitely seperate, and something that did happen. The pic ive posted is actually pretty common, and always made into a 'photograph' format. Rabana Yosta! :)
  • I saw that picture in the church next to the windmill! It was such a blessing beause my uncle is a priest we got to pray in a church next to the tuhnia and I got to see that picture but the real picture
  • wow this is really cool pic. ilove it!!
  • the picture is also on the thread "picture", its a bit lighter...
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