Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria calls the Copts Monophysites

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The 8th Paragraph in this article quotes His Beatitude Theodoros II saying:

"The Copts adhere to the monophysite doctrine, that is they believe in one nature in the person of Christ and that nature is divine," the Greek Orthodox Patriarch elaborates. "We believe that Christ is both human and divine."

What can we as copts do to counter this mininformation adn correct them with the truth that we believe that we believe that Christ is Fully Man and Fully God in One Person.


  • reply to the article..or contact the pope for it
  • I might be looking like i'm dumb but what does that mean???

    Then i might be able to argue on a side.. I'm not dumb though

  • We can continue to explain that we do not use the name monophysites because the name implies that we deny the humanity of our Saviour even though we do no such thing. We believe in the true humanity of our Lord, but we simply don't believe that we can speak of Jesus' humanity and Divinity separately, since they are united as one in only one Jesus Christ. We believe that the best way to speak of the union of the two natures as one nature not two. For the two have united to one, without the one dissolving into the other and without the one being separated from the other. This we sing in our Liturgy of St. asil every time we celebrate it!

    His Beatitude may have been misquoted, or he may have simply mistaken his terms, for he also emphasizes our common identity. He does not like to stir up needless dogmatic problems. We do know that our Church and his Church have agreed on many theological issues and these are familiar to all our high-ranking clergy. Unless he rejects the teaching of his own Church, he cannot use the word "monophysites" for us as an accusation of heresy. It may very well be a misquote by the author of the article, or some other mistake. We should be careful with information of this nature, and not take it as official if it is not officially endorsed by His Beatitude's office.

    Let us be careful that mistakes do not widen the gulf between the two our Churches that our Popes and theologians have worked many years for to close. Explaining to people who are confused about our doctrine, what we believe is essential, and if possible we should try to do so without anger or frustration. The truth must be spoken in love, because God is love. Loving correction is what we need to apply to our mistaken brothers and sisters in the Eastern Orthodox Church, for we will speak God's words that way which they will not be able to undo.

    IC XC,

  • Grigorri,

    In the quotation of Theodoros, he not only labels us monophysites, but he qualifies his intentions by stating that we believe in one nature and that "that nature is divine." He further goes on to explain how he believes in the humanity and divinity of Christ as if in contrast to us who believe in the divine alone.

    If his words have been played with, then it was obviously quite a deliberete and serious misrepresentation. Maybe if someone has access to the arabic, they can tell us if the same implications are inherent as they are in the translation.

  • Dearest to Christ Iqbal,

    I know,.. I read it too with great disturbance. However, I refuse to jump to conclusions based on something that may not be endorsed by the Patriarch as indeed his nown words and intentions. If he puts out something this harmful and endorses it, he must be opposed and corrected by all legitemate means.

    I am hoping that it does rest on translation error, or an error of interpretation of HB's words. But since no clergy-member is infallible, not even a Bishop or a Patriarch, when they err, it must be exposed/corrected.

    IC XC,

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