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Dear people I am not a coptic - but am very interested in your church. I was a R. Catholic but left the church to convert to ..... Now i feel very saddened at what i have done and am finding my way back. With Gods help. At the moment I am partaking of the fast and reading trhe bible every day. Will I be accepted back ?


  • The most important thing is that u talk to your confession farther and he will tell you what to do to come bak to our church
    the church will always accept a "lost sheep" back into its flock.(no saying your lost or anything)
  • Onkh - Thank you- I intend to do so . I live in the UK. and at the moment I am doing this all on my own as my family would not support me at all. Again thank you
  • Dear Gerald,

    I am a bit confused regarding your position exactly. Can you please clarify:

    a) what you were
    b) what you are now (i.e. what you converted to)
    c) where you would to like be

    Thank you,

  • I was a Roman Catholic. I am Irish. I married a pakistani gentleman and converted to Islam. I now am questioning my actions very seriously and am very drawn to the orthodox church and their beliefs.
  • Dear Geraldine,

    I am glad to hear that you are responding positively to the grace of God who is convicting you, and persuading you to seriously question and re-consider these harmful actions you took. You are in a very dangerous spiritual situation, and you need to act with urgency. I suggest you visit an Orthodox priest and sit down with him and discuss all necessary issues that need to be discussed.

    Islam is a religion that I have been well acquianted with, and so I am familiar with their deceptive polemics; please feel free to ask any questions you may have, not only with regards to Orthodoxy, but Islam too if you wish.

    Pray, fast, and pray, and may the intercessions of the Holy Theotokos St Mary, lead you out of the darkness and back to the truth of Christ, and the fullness of that truth as it is embodied in The Holy Orthodox Church.

  • I dont think people can convert back from Islam, isnt it in their law, that they kill you if you do, (or that doesnt happen in UK?)

    God be with you, may He help you to return back to Him, remember He said, "return to me says the Lord of hosts and I shall return to you" Zechariah 1:2 :)
  • hey,
    Im very glad to hear that God has intervined with your earlier decision of converting to Islam. I am also glad to hear that you are thinking of Orthodoxy as an option. (By the way Princess Mary, no the government in the UK will not do that, it only happens in countries where the government is run by Islam, such as Iran, Egypt, Afghanastan.)
    May God help you in your journey back to the true light.

  • ya i know the "government" obviously wouldnt do that, however there exists many islamic groups everywhere these days, and if they hear that some1 converted back, they might do somehting about it
  • Conversion back to Christianity has been done, even when married to a Muslim. Depending on the fanatacism of the husband and his family and/or friends, it may entail such life altering changes as moving far away and changing your name. The Church does accept those married to non-Christians even if their spouse does not. It may involve separation from the spouse, but not necessarily. It all depends on your safety and ability to practice Christianity.

    May God Bless your valiant efforts Geraldine and let no one discourage you away from the path of truth and salvation.
  • well from St Paul we know that if the husband is willing not to be seperated from her because of her faith .. they can stay together and not seperate.. the husband is sanctified by the wife right?
    but I dont know about this case exacly? so wouldnt she be allowed to take communion?
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