Youth Meeting!

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hey guys,

i have to give a youth meeting tommorow and i need topic ideas asap so anyone with any exciting ideas let me know as soon as possible last time i did one on icons and it worked out well so any help is appreciated



  • what's the age range you are talking to? Are they boys or girls or both? spiritual topics, contemprory topics, church rites, or any other topic catagories?
    this info might be helpful for us to give you ideas
  • hello again,
    thanks for your responses the age group is highschool and i wanted to do a power point presentation on a rite or something like that someone suggested to give it on the history meanings and rites of tasbeha(midnight praise) because they really liked the icon one any other ideas
    thank you for responding keep them coming
  • my sunday scool teacher did this really good power point on the opposite sex... u see... it only works if its an all guy or all class cuz ours is divided becuz theres sooo many kids. he did like its destructive to like a girl and go out and the affects of hugs and kisses and flirting... u can also do eternity like heaven and hell.. u can do symbols in the liturgy... u can do an explanation of a feast (Nativity, Resurection, Pascha **not a feast ;D...) The life of a saint or maybe even Jesus himself... u can do the destructiveness of music or somethin... endless topics...

    PS theres this reallllyyy good book i hear called "ive kissed dating goodbye" and its this american man i believe that tells about how he used to date and now he cant even bear to think of the fact that he did it... ive never read it but ive hear its really good.

    Good luck and God bless
  • heey
    yeah that book is awesomee!...i recommend you all read it :)'ll really make u think twice about dating....the author is Joshua Harris btw. Anyways, u can talk about that...its always an interesting topic for teens.

    Another suggestion...perhaps u can talk about the origins of the coptic church...its history and stufff...the persecution, etc. Id personallly love to have a lesson bout thaat ;)
  • Chris,
    I don't know if it is too late or not, but here is a topic that should be repeated from about 17,000 angels. PEER PRESURE.
    IT can never be overdone because kids this age need to know about it time and time again.
  • yar i dunno if its late but if u want topics i have loads of lessons i can email em to u if u want hehe ur looking for a power point where is shnoods he gave us lyk the best power point ever lol four our talk it was awesome

    GB ALL
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