Was stripping of Isaiah Macarii’s monkhood on social media wrong ?

I do not know any details of the case and I am not arguing the stripping of his monkhood. I’m sure the pope had his reasons and having read what was posted online I see the monk was In trouble for awhile. But I am curious to know if the public shaming of Isaiah Macarii on social media was too harsh ? To the point where isaiah tried to commit suicide from the guilt and public shame. Couldn’t this have been announced to the Monastary alone and that’s it ?


  • I recommend reading about some valid reasons the Church released concerning this:

    Now, i think you are confused...I don't think Fr. Asheya El-Maqari is the one rumored to have tried to commit suicide. I say rumored because I haven't really read it from one trust-worthy source.

    Now, you touch on this whole "public shaming" concept and it's something worth talking about. I think it's more of a subjective matter since it all depends on how you look at it and who is being affected. In this since, I don't take the Church's decree here to be "public-shaming." When the affect of that monk's action affect many people, then i think it's worth declaring the Church's ruling to those many people and everyone. When monks these days are everywhere outside their monastery, and when one of them does something that is not fitting of a monk, then all of them are affected...not just that monk, not just his monastery or Abbot, not just his service or church. That's my opinion and that's how I see it. 
  • Reports comming in that he confessed of the murder !!!!! Wow !
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