Being a Non Egyptian and Wanting to Convert

Um so this is my first post so I am a bit nervous.

So I am ethnically Korean mostly and I discovered the Coptic Church through a friend and loved many the beliefs that come with the Coptic Church.

Just last week, I heard a sermon from the Abouna about the responsibilities of being a member of the Church and finally had the courage to want to ask the Abouna about how I can become a member.

However, I am still nervous because the only other non Egyptians in the church are married to Egyptians while I would have come to the faith on my own.

Also, my parents do not approve of me going to church and well... it has been very difficult for me to go to church with them forbidding me, but I have tried as much as I can to learn on my own. I even decided to learn some Arabic to understand the sermons better.

Even if I have come a long way, I also know that I have so much to learn about liturgies and holidays. So hopefully people would be understanding if I ask too many questions. I am also wondering if there are other non Egyptians in the forums as well who can give me some guidance.

Thanks for your help, and God bless you.


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    Good to see your interest to join our church I am not the best to teach so I hope others can help you and guide you
  • I pray that our God whom accepts us with all our faults keeps your heart from worry.
    Abouna will accept you likewise, so stay close to him at first and he may introduce you to the congregation later. I sure they will accept you also.
  • I went through the same thing. Good luck!
  • Never give up! Keep searching! God put those desires in our heart! You are such an inspiration to this 67 year old man, who, also, has an Egyptian Coptic Orthodox friend, and I am currently Roman Catholic, and my wife will not let me attend the Church, or allow me to become Orthodox.
  • i joined as the only orthodox Christian in my family, you are v welcome :)
  • @Tibo I may be able to help.
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