Sale of Church real property

I am Underwriting Counsel for Westcor Land Title Insurance Company.  One of my agents will be handling a sale where a Coptic Orthodox Church in Tennessee will be selling a piece of real property devised to it by a church member in her Will.  I know that "hierarchical churches" like The Roman Catholic Church and the Coptic Orthodox Church consider such property as actually held by the "mother" church instead of the particular church to which it was devised/left, and that there are procedures for approving the sale and appointing the person or persons who can execute the instruments conveying title (the Deed).  Could someone point me to any written guidance?  Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Thomas McCroskey

Underwriting Counsel

Westcor Land Title Insurance Company


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  • i thought initially you were a bot, as we get some funny ones, but it seems you are asking a proper question.

    welcome to the website! feel free to look around and learn about God's love for you.

    i think if you just ask the church in question to check with their bishop that all is ok, then it would be fine.

    but maybe someone here knows a lot more, i am no legal expert.

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