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Hello to all brothers and sisters.I am here because i want learn Coptic Community about Lgbt peoople.I am 23 years old.I was born in Egypt.My family live in Egypt.I am immigrant here in France i am the only member of my family who live out of Egypt.My boyfriend is Coptic christian to.From my experience about secret Lgbtcopticcommunity.We the LgbtCopts are more than you think.But we never say about homksexuality.When i go to Church with my boyfriend abd other Lgbt Copts never say about our homosexuality.First of all we have got our page in FB: [ edited by admin ] .So what we want?We want change the opinion of Coptic Community and Cootic church about homosexuality. We must not forget the teaching of Christianity:Love.


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    Here is about Christianity and homosexuality by an Protestant liberal girl: [ edited by admin ]
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    And here is a vodeo from this girl: [ edited by admin ]
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    And here is the Bibble and homosexuality: [ edited by admin ]
  • good grief!
  • I read the topic and i see this videos.I dont agree and i say to you why to pm.I send you a pm.I hope we have got good debates.Welcome.
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    This forum is attracting a lot of folks lately.

    Dear brother @lgbtcopt,

    You probably heard this a million times before. I simply agree with the Orthodox Church teachings that we cannot clearly accept the idea that homosexual acts are not sinful. And I'm sure you are not offended by these words as these are not new to you, fair and simple.

    Now when you come and say you want the Church to reconsider her views on homosexuality, that is simply out of the question. It does not contradict the law of love to reject homosexuality. In fact, from my vantage point, love demands that one upholds ascetic and moral ideals in Christian spirituality. Love also demands that I love you regardless of what you do or practice, or of what you believe. While I personally believe homosexual acts are sinful, I don't judge you as a sinner worse than me. I am the worst of sinners, striving to repent from my own personal sins. I don't pretend to empathize. It's impossible for me to empathize, because I don't have homosexual urges. But I can sympathize based on the weaknesses I am aware of having, and struggle to repent from. Therefore I don't see you any different than me in that regard. But I don't make excuses for my own sinful desires, and I fight against them daily.

    I hope we can come to that general understanding.

    God bless you.
  • The love towards God is also a sacrifice of the flesh. If the flesh is sinful, then that flesh needs repentance. Which means it needs correction. If you go to church to repent, fine. But if you are going to churchand believe you can retain your sin because of love and that your sin is forgiven just because God love you, you maybe mistaken. God's love is that He is with you, but our sins means we are seperated. I'm sorry and it maybe a very hard chose but homosexuals need repentance like we all do.
  • :-)

    This is gonna be fun to comment it looks like SOMEONE has a lot of time on his or her hands that they created atleast 6 different accounts with different emails and from different IPs. But, we realized that they write in the same style and about specific controversial topics that the Church has a clear response too. They even responded to their own posts using different accounts.

    They are now, banned.
  • Good grief, I thought this guy with multiple accounts was someone from this forum who just sought to stir some feathers over at our subreddit but I see you guys have it a bit more tough with him.
  • Thank you Mina! It seemed like there was something off lately with the recent posts.
  • is coptathens the same person as lgbtcopt? am confused...
  • and are armen and antiochiangreek the same person?
  • Apparently all the same person
  • I think they all started by Egyptian1997 it was a very odd account with the deliberate spelling errors and strange made up stories then when he/she received replies to their post they were encouraged to make up some more accounts and have a laugh? what a waste of time! thank God all gone now and back to normal we hope! Rabena yehdi
  • Someone who starts multiple accounts is either mentally unstable, a professional trouble maker or a bot. Seeing it moved to CopticApostate's subreddit's forum, it is most likely a bot. They pickup hyperlinks to other forums (especially if the url is simply posted outside of code) and infect other sites. 

    Either way, thank you minatasgeel for taking care of this. 
  • I doubt it's a bot; if someone had the smarts to make/use a bot, you'd think they'd at least know a space follows a full stop. My theory is he is a regular Muslim Egyptian who wants to see how Copts react to different situations. He probably just wants to see some outrage to later on derail people from faith, then he probably wanted those people to embrace Islam. When he saw us on reddit he probably thought we'd take the bait since we already left our faith for our own reasons, if his recent posts on our subreddit are anything to go by.
  • The bots are designed to mimic bad grammar so you don't think it's a bot. We get bots all the time trying to make accounts on this site. Bots are known to search the internet for email addresses and send out emails in normal language (or subpar language) to make it look like a real person is doing it. Good website designers know not to place your email in the contact us section of a website because of this problem. Instead they now use a form page for people to input information if they want to contact the website client. 

    Of course, he really could be a person and not a bot. My point was people know how to hide computer viruses and bots very well. It's almost impossible to tell them apart.
  • @Remnkemi and @CopticApostate i think he/it is a Coptic who convert to Islam or bot who used by an islamic terrorist internet team.I think IT is a bot.
  • And i am afraid it has got more accounts in this forum who we cant find.It is very dangerous.@CopticApostate how many members of your subreddit are bots?Can you find?
  • You are pathetic.
  • @CopticApostate i am not human.And i am not pathetic.I am clever!
  • So its time to finish the joke.I am an Egyptian muslim.I live in Egypt.Sometimes have got funny with Egyptian christians.But i am not dangerous.Sorry if the members scared for me.
  • Yeeey...he's back.....and gone....
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    I had this prepared before the banning. This bot should not stop us from addressing why we have problems with those who believe the church should change its position on LGBT

    You are trying to force us into believing something which has no biblical proof just because you feel it is right because you have sympathy for them. Why have sympathy only for them but why not all sinners ? Because you guys show no respect to us and would prefer we went to hell or that our way is condemned by God yet you want to make us change our views to make a mockery of us and make us lose our faith in God's laws and judgement being correct so we lose our reward and suffer and your problem is with God and want Him to have no one obeying Him either because you don't want forgiveness or don't believe in it

    If you are not gay you can not speak for gays.
    I have already conceded that if they are really gay even when following God then they are already right with God but it is not for us to go around accepting it. We don't know that. As Christians we are already to treat all respectfully but it is loving to speak out on all danger of their sins
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