Copts flee egypt or not?

I read and listen sometimes in internet that the big majority of copts in 100 years flee out of Egypt.It is true or false?But Copts dont flee out of Egypt for 2000 years why flee out of Egypt now?


  • Immigration to "lands of opportunity" were rarely an option until very recently starting in the late 1800s. Egypt isn't the only country where immigrants come from, and religion is only part of the reason. More likely, there are economic reasons for immigration.
  • If the reason of immigrants are economic that mean and Musilm egyptians flee Egypt...
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    Yes, half of Egyptian immigrants in the United States are Muslim. I talked to one Muslim man in Florida who has never been back in Egypt since 1990, and does not want to go back!

    With the high unemployment rate in Egypt, I can sympathize as to why any Egyptian, Muslim or Christian, would leave.
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