I hope someone on here can help me.  I'm an English/History teacher,
and I'm just trying to build a collection of various religious
headdresses used around the world.  I am looking to purchase/have made a
couple of Coptic bishops' emmas (I believe that is what they are
called).  I would like to purchase/have made one in the traditional
black and one in white as well.  I have looked online, and since Copts
don't have a huge presence here in the U.S., I am finding it near
impossible to get one here, and since I don't speak/read Arabic, I am
not able to find one on Google Egypt.  Can you please put me in contact
with a two or three vestment makers in Egypt that have a website and/or
speak English so I could obtain one or two? 

I appreciate
any help you can give in this matter.  I am attaching two pictures of
they types of headdresses I am looking for -- I think they are called
Emmas.  PLEASE feel free to contact me on my personal e-mail if you can help me find a two AFFORDABLE Bishop's Emmas.  [email protected]

Displaying Coptic Bishop Emma (Mitre) in Black.jpg  Displaying Coptic Bishop Emma (Mitre) in White.jpg  Displaying Coptic Bishop Emma (Mitre) in White3.jpg

Thank you,
Rev. David Prince


  • I don't think it's purchasable.  If there's a skit or play in our very own Coptic churches that requires a bishop's emma, we pretty much make it out of whatever cheap material we can find around us.  But an official one comes from the top headquarters, as far as I have experienced in my life.
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