Is it wrong to take communion at a catholic church?

I live in an area in which I have to drive to the Coptic Church pretty far, and being in medical school I only get to go once a month to take communion.
The closest church in my area is Catholic, and although they are not allowed to take communion at our church would it be possible to take communion at theirs?
I feel like it would be better than going long periods of time without it and would help give me some strength.
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  • Is there no Eastern Orthodox churches around? It possible to get to one of those churches, contact the priest in charge, while your father of confession also contacts that father to give you an absolution to take communion. 
  • The closest Eastern Orthodox Church from me is about the same distance (~1.5 hours) as the Coptic church (2 hrs) so not entirely close. Otherwise I'd definitely look into it more
  • I would try to look into it more and speak to your father of confession. in either cases, he'll have to give you an absolution to take communion elsewhere.  
  • Ask the closest bishop to you. If you don't ask, then you are breaking Church canons. Bishops routinely give pastoral exceptions if you are very far from a Coptic Church. But don't take it upon yourself to give yourself absolution from the Church canons and the Coptic Church's care. 

    If you need the contact information of the closest bishop, let us know. 
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    I used to be an in area where the closest Coptic Church was 90 miles away (also studying medicine). Other churches was a Greek Orthodox Church 50 miles away and a Roman Catholic Church 10 miles away. I never set foot in or even considered the Catholic Church. When I asked permission from Bishop David, who was the general bishop of North America at the time, to take communion at the Greek Church, he told me to drive the extra 40 miles.
  • "They tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other people's shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them" (Matthew 23:4).
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