Intercede on our behalf... that He may forgive us our sins.

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Hey everybody, 

A few friends and I started a document to write a short summary about each saint that we ask intercessions from during Tasbeha. 

The purpose is to be conscious and aware of the saints from whom we ask intercessions. 
It seems appropriate that when we ask somebody to pray for us that we know something about them and their life. That we don’t say a name and request the intercessions of people of whom we know nothing.

When adding to the document, please include links to your sources (or mention "Synaxarium") for reliability. 
If you see an issue with any of the points, please use Google Doc's "Comment" feature to leave a note. 

This is a collaborative effort and the more of us that join the more fruitful it can be. 

Here's the document if you would like to contribute:

God Bless! 


  • Did a quick comment on Abba Apollo and Abba Abib.

    You are forgetting a few canonized saints in your list. I will get back to you with that also.

  • if anyone of you wants to send me a personal message with your email on, i can send u a list of the saints whose writings are recommended reading for the (oriental) orthodox church.
    i compiled it from a book by abouna tadros malaty and added a tiny 1 line biography about most of them.
    i can't use shared document programs as my macbook is way too old (and way too old to accept any software updates)
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