Sacrament of Baptism

Hi everyone,

So lately I've been thinking about the Sacrament of Baptism. I wondered if the church believes there is any "elbow room" with this sacrament or if it is kind of a "do it or die".

Like for example,

Say someone gets into an accident while on their way to the church to be baptised, and they die before the baptism?

Or say a child is miscarried or stillborn?

Or if a child suffers Sudden Infant Death Syndrome before the 40 or 80 day period?

What about those who die in early childhood (before they were able to personally make a decision) who were born to non-Christian parents?

In situations like these, what is the church's teaching regarding their salvation?


  • The right hand thief was not baptised. We call his baptism, the baptism of blood (his death on the cross).

    God is beyond the laws he put for us. If for reasons beyond our capabilities keep us from baptism, God is beyond it.
  • That is a great point ShareTheLord,
    God is not restricted by formalities or paperwork. And some questions we do not have answers for, because our understanding capacity is limited by our human nature.
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