I have a question to ask all Coptic Christians. 

Why do we never talk about dating/marriage? 

I am a youth belonging to a Coptic Church. We never ever get guidance on dating or we are not told what is right and wrong... Why is this? 


  • It is very unfortunate to hear this coming from you. We currently live in a time where sin is widely prevalent and accepted. Therefore, many priests and youth servants speak openly about this matter. This sermon by Fr. Anthony Mourad might help.
  • Expectations have to be shown which means if you expect answers then you have to ask the question of the people you want an answer from. If there is a lack of information then ask for some from abouna.
    Try and be patient please WithJesusWeThrive.
  • I absolutely agree, you cannot have an answer if you do not seek one. Take the initiative to ask so that not only do you benefit but the other youth your age do too! Maybe Abouna can do a lesson for the youth group about this matter. In our church our abouna actually split the youth group where he took the girls group for a lesson about this matter and answer any questions and then he took the boys and did the same. Suggest something like this and surely you won't be denied. It's important to know and understand :)
    God be with you
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