Spiritual songs for Easter party

Hi Guys - We're throwing an Easter party for the Sunday school kids, and I got put in charge of teaching them a song about Easter. Does anyone have any ideas? Something short, cheerful and simple for little kids.

Also, does anyone know of a translated version of this old Arabic song: 

"Ekhristos Anisty, Alithos Anisty, kam el masee7 elahna w entasar 3almoot"



  • many of the eastern orthodox churches have good translations of this hymn, and the EO in usa (i that is where you are) is very advanced at translating things into english.
    so i'd suggest EO videos as the first place to look.

    may God bless yr service
  • Do you have any examples? I can't find anything appropriate for kids :(
  • words here:

    video here:

    this should not be difficult for kids, omit the extra languages and the harmony and they should learn it quickly.
    at about 1min 45sec it is sung a bit faster and quite easily. leave out all the extra verses for small kids.
    kids in our church really love singing coptic hymns from age 3-4, so if your kids have a lot of encouragement, they should learn it ok.

    if not, let me know and i'll post you some of our kids...
  • There's also this one

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