Easter Dates

Can someone kindly tell the dates the Coptic Church has had its Easter (say over the last 10 years).
When was the latest date we've had our Easter? 

One thing that I've begun to love Apple for is that they actually have a Coptic Calendar integrated into the Mac OS build. 



  • I think it was on May 1st one year.
  • http://www.copticchurch.net/easter.html#Resources

    Open that page and at the end, where "Coptic Holidays and Easter Calculations:" is, you can fill in the year and it calculates major annual events for you.
  • Thank you guys, 
    Thanks Mina! 
  • Or you can look up Wiki and get a table for both Western and Eastern Easter dates for the next and previous 20 years. 

    Keep in mind Easter has to start after the Spring Equinox and no later than the next moon until the year 2400AD. This means Easter will always be March 22-April 25 (Gregorian dates). For the Julian dates, you have to convert it back to Gregorian. This means Eastern Easter will always fall between April 3 to May 10. This happened for the Orthodox on April 25, 1983 (which is equivalent to May 10, 1983). It will happen again in 2078. 

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    I feel you can read my mind. You know why I'm asking this? Right?

  • you want to check out when you can get discounted chocolate, right?
  • lol... 

    How are you doing my friend? Nope that's not why..
  • fine, thanks to God.

    sad the fast is coming to an end soon!

    maybe you were asleep in 2013, so did not notice we had the resurrection feast in may quite recently?

    or maybe you are the head of egypt's astronomers, and you are planning a new calendar that is more accurate than the current egyptian and european ones (they are both wrong, according to the current speed of the earth's rotation)?

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