The Cross

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Hey everyone, I thought that this was really cool and hopefully it can teach everyone something! It's about the cross and I thought it was very nice.

You don't have to download the Korean font if it asks you to.
Enjoy! :)

God bless and please keep me in your prayers, Monica


  • Oh and everyone there are some nice sounds and music in the backround.. so turn on ur speakers if u'd like!
    -your sister in christ, Monica
  • Hi Monica
    that's was verey nice and sinsitive .
    it's teach us how to be bationt in carying our cross ...
    God please help all of us to be bationt in carying our cross to the end and give us the power .
    God bless. Amen.
  • I am very glad you enjoyed it and thank you PrincessMary for sharing those sites as well. I enjoyed them plenty!!!
    Everyone please share more related sites.. i'd love to see them!
    Im glad that we can learn from each other in many different ways.
    God bless and Take care!
    your sister in Christ, Monica
  • Princess Mary those are really nice sites, thanks for sharing them!!! Happy Easter! Gb++
  • thanks, God bless all of u, happy easter
  • thats beautiful

    thanx for sharing that guys
    god bless
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