Our Father Prayer?

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Can someone post the our father prayer in arabic and coptic. I want to learn how to pray it in both arabic and coptic but of course post it in english not actual arabic or coptic writing. I would really appreciate it and Im sure others would to...Thanks in advance.

God Bless



  • ya abana el lezy fe el smawat,
    yedaqdas esmak, ya'ty malakotak,
    letakon mashe'tak,
    kama fe sama' kathalek ala el ard,
    khobzana kafa fena,
    aatina el youm
    wa eghfer lana zenoubana
    kama naghfer nahnou eydan le el mouznabina elyna
    wa la tadkhilna fe tagrouba
    lakin nagina min el sherir,
    be el massih yesou rebena,
    le'ana laka el molk, wa el kowa, wa el magd,
    ela el abad, Ameen
  • that was arabic by the way
  • Thanks,

    socoolbishoy...Do you know where there is an audio of the prayer online so I can follow along.
  • here it is in coptic: JE BENIOT

    je beniot
    et khen ni fiowi
    maref touvou
    enge brekran
    marec-e enge
    emefriti khen etfe
    nem hijen bikahi

    ben oyk ente rasti
    mif nan emfo-ou
    owa ka ni-eteron
    nan evol
    entan ero-ou
    owo empe-renten
    ekhon epi-rasmoc
    allah nahmen
    evol ha pipet-ho-ou

    khen pi-ekhrictoc ecoc
    benshoyce je thok
    te ti-met-ouro
    nem tigom nem
    pi-o-ou sha eneh
  • Thanks again princess Mary for the quick response......Now all I need is someone to show me where I can get the audio version on line to follow along.
  • u r welcome conqueror, sorry i looked but i cant seem to find an audio version
  • take a recorder and record it while the people say it.
  • das a gr8 idea lol
  • This is the Our Father in the Words Christ Himself spoke - Aramaic:

    Abun d-bashmayo
    nithqadash shmokh
    tithe malkuthokh
    nehwe sebyonokh
    aykano d-bashmayo oph bar`o
    hab lan lahmo d-sunqonan yowmono
    washbuq lan hawbayn wahtohayn
    aykano doph hnan shbaqan l-hayobayn
    lo ta`lan l-nesyuno
    elo paso lan men bisho

    metul d-dylokh hi malkutho
    whaylo wteshbuhto
    l`olam `olmin

    You can hear it here:
  • Thanks Michael thats awesome.
  • HOW come i cant play the file Michael.
  • no way man, the txt for the Lords prayer. I remember i heard it in a HCOC recording before, but now i can read along with the audio, how cool ;D thnx michael
  • Conqueror,

    You have to have a audio codec for .ogg files.

    That's the Liturgical language used by the Syriac Orthodox/Catholic, Syro-Malankara Catholic (My Church)/Malankara Orthodox, Maronite Catholic, Syro-Malabar Catholic, Assyrian Church of the East (Nestorian), and Chaldean Catholic Churches.
  • you know conqueror,
    im realy jealous, why? bc it only took me what 13 yrs of my illustrious and long life to learn the arabic version. and the critisism i had to take, with my non arabic accent..timeless.. but know i say it all the time in prayer, even thu i dont know what half of it means lol

  • Michael how do you get the codec for ogg files and how do you download it. What program are you using...Windows Media Player or something else? Please let me know.
  • I use MediaPlayerClassic v.

    It is free and better than Windows junk, also plays RealMedia and Quicktime, and it avoids using Microsoft.
  • now would any one like to explain the our father line by line so that we can strength our prayer of it alone and in church gathering rather than rabbling it to see who can finish quicker, abouna or us?! ;)
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