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Hey Everyone,
I thought it would be cool if everyone would share what their own names mean. You could also say what u like or not like about your name or how you got to be named. If you don't know what ur name means maybe you can put a post and ask for help and maybe someone can help you out :)

Well, my name is Monica and it means "advisor".
I like my name a lot for a bunch of reasons and one reason is because I love the story of Saint Monica :)
I got to be named that because my mom asked an Abouna what I should be called and he first said I should be called Erene but my mom said that there was already an Erene in the family so she asked Abouna is my name could be Monica-Erene and he agreed but you know what... nobody calls me.. everyone just calls me Monica :)
Anyway, I thank God for being called Monica.. i think its nice :)
Peace and God bless all of you!


  • My name is Fadi and it means "the redeemer". I like it because it is one of the names of Jeus Christ, our redeemer. Unfortunantly it is too close to the word "fatty" in English which made for some pretty bad childhood memories :'( But, I wouldn't change it for the world.

    The Redeemer
  • Awww, Don't worry about it... Fady is a nice name and I know a lot of Fadys who are very successful people!
    Take care and God bless
  • well mine is Rita, and all it means is precious pearl, which is pretty but not too significant i guess lol, but i absolutely love st. Rita and she was an italian nun and there was also an italian nun that was a nurse when i was being delivered and for some reason i've always been fond of that connection there. I used to hate it but i guess everyone had a phase where they hated their names. and it reminds me of bread cuz i'm sure we're all familiar with pita lol. but i still love it and i wouldn't like it if people called me by something else. oh and a lot of ppl's mothers or grandmothers seem to also have that name which i love because i absolutely adore older generations
  • my name is samar, dunno what it means ???, my parents named me samar cuz its apparently it was a popular name in Egypt back in the day. lol

    PS: if u know what it means, please tell me, i hoope theres a biblical reference in it ;D
  • Samar in arabic means a least that's wut i think

    mine is's "mary" or "mari" as St. Mary and "anne" St. Mary's mother...the true meaning as I found out was bitter...which is kinda of it's all good i least i have half the name of St. :)

    I guess I was gonna be named Mariame...which is arabic for Mary...but instead an abouna told my mom that my name should be here i am

    and appreantly if i was born as a parents would have named me connection btw fady and marianne...but tht's wut they

    God Bless,
  • oh thats cool! Fady is becoming popular lol and Marianne is anice name...cuz my sisters name is that and it was close to the same story the same Abouna that named me nameed my sister and brother.. so we're like the three M's Maryan, Mike and me, Monica! :)
  • Maria, the latin name for st Mary is plural for "sea"
    so Maria means seas ::), it must be something else

    nywayz, matthew (originally mattheos) means gift of/from God.
    i really should have been named otherwise too lol
  • Well, my name is Dany, short might have guessed it...Daniel. You guys all prolly know the story of Daniel, and it's truly an awesome one, especially if you read it a second time..or a So yea, my name is Hebrew, meaning God is my judge. pretty cool stuff....
  • David...means beloved...i wouldn't change it because it was David that it was said of to have a heart after God's own. :D
  • Hi my name is Michael ,It means Who is like the God?
    which is the answer mean no body like god ,and i love my name.
    about emprocious it is a name of saint and it's mean the perfum of god.

    by the way Samar mean:when some people make a small party has some shows like in the church they called it a samar party.
    but fruit in arabic means thamar.
    pray for me.
    god bless
  • my name is Sherry, and it is a type of wine!! you know y'all can get high from me! nah
    my name means Peace in Coptic, except in Coptic you say it "Shere" my name has a "y" in it... so its Sherry!
    PS. i totally HATE the name Shereeen, ugh so many gypos have it, and wen i tell someone my name they go " so sherry is short for Sherreeen? right?" and im like "NOOO i hate that name, my name is NOT Shereen, NOT Sherryl, NOT....etc. it Is Sherry, and Sherry only!"
    o well,
    peace out everyone!
  • my name is bishoy and i love this name for two reasons
    first its a coptic word which means "elevated"
    second, its the name of saint Bishoy the beloved of our Lord

    God Bless - have a great glorious feast of Resurection
  • Christine, it means fair christian.

    I love my name because its root is the word Christ, our lord and saviour
  • im surprised 'marina' hasnt bin said- apparently its the most common egyptian name 4 a gurl lol
    wel yea ma names marina an all i know its got 2 do wif the sea lol
    but if anyone knows any biblical meanins or anyfin- plz tel me lol
    an mazza is wat ma friends call me at scool- jus a nic name
    take care guys :D
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