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why is it that they cant pray a funeral for you during holy week?
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  • Because during holly week our only attention and the church's should be on just Jesus who is dieing for us.... not anyone else…
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  • ok correct me if im rong
    but i think that it is because throughout passion week we are supposed to be remebering the death of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ rather than the death of somebody but they do have a mass the 1 that is prayed over the dead rite after the mass on palm sunday so it is very vital to attend just incase (God frbid) sum1 leaves during passion week as they will not pray 4 them then

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  • [quote author=kokie link=board=1;threadid=1471;start=0#msg23895 date=1113894959]
    Because during holly week our only attention and the church's should be on just Jesus who is dieing for us.... not anyone else…
    Hope that helps,

    yep yep, u nailed it in a good sentence!

    our ONLY thoughts and all during Passion Week is about Christ and Christ ONLY!!
    we dont even say any Hitens or ask for intercessions from Saints and/or mention a Saints Name!., so y are we gonna pay attention for a human living with us passing away, wen we have Christ who died for us, to give us Eternal life! yet, im NOT saying we should ignore a person dieng in Passion Week!
  • There is one more reason
    During a funeral, there is raising of incense. Incense is considered an offering or a sacrifice. We do not give any offerings or sacrifice during Holy week because the ULTIMATE sacrifice is about to be given up for our sake. The only raising of incense is during Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Bright Saturday.
    Just thought I would share.
  • just one more comment:

    u'll notice that during the Lakaan the prayer for the departed are prayed, but during the liturgy they are not.

    The reason for this is that during the eucharist we commemorate that the departed haven't been restored to paradise at the moment of good thursday (this was only after the cross), but we do pray for them during Lakaan liturgy prayer, because now they are in paradise of course (as we pray: repose them in paradise). I heard this in a sermon by HG Rafaeel btw, i just thought it would be interesting...any feedback? ;D

    keep in mind also that there is short prayers in case someone dies during Holy Week, just no raising of incense. I actually witnissed this 2 years ago, we were sleeping over at church from wednesday to thursday, and when we entered church thursday morning we saw this coffin lol, it was freeky :o
    nywayz, so there was some prayers, and the coffin was sprinkeled with the water that was prayed on after the liturgy of palmsunday.
  • These are all really great responses, and they're all so true. You'll also notice that during Pentecost, there is no reading of the synaxarium (excuse my spelling) because we should only be focused on Jesus. Nothing else.

    P.S. I would only know this because I had a BIG presentation on it. lol.
  • thats gr8 guys thnx 4 dat

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  • k correct me if i'm wrong...but the prayers at the grave site are still prayed
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