"Take Your wrath from us"

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In the communion melody for Nayrouz, the chorus says, "O Lord take away your wrath from us."

That's just anthropomorphism? Is it just another way of saying "O Lord have mercy on us"?


  • sort of; because when we sin, we deserve God's wrath.
    but if we just say 'Lord have mercy', we can think 'you know, God, i am a weak human, so it's your job to have mercy'.
    so maybe we may not be too sorry for our sin.
    but if we say 'Lord take away your wrath from us', we are really saying
    'i know i deserve to die and it is right for you to be angry, but please take away your anger, not for any reason that i deserve, but because of your great mercy'.
    so in this way we are saying that we recognise our sin is very serious and it makes us slow to sin again.
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