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Pi Ekhristos Aftonf!
Hey I'm a deacon, 15 years old and I spoke briefly about the monastic life to my FOC. Of course he says he understands the desire of it but told me to pray and focus on my spiritual life now and we will discuss it in time. I will ask him these questions soon but i wanted to know what the community had to say here. I know i'm still young but I'd like to understand a bit more
Why do people choose the monastic life? what is the actual purpose?
what is the testing period like?
Is it a calling and choice?
(semi related) do monks still go to confession?
any other information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you



    You have a noble young heart.

    You will not be accepted in any monastery until you have finished college / university, so you will have to wait anyways.

    Ask a seasoned monk about this desire and what to do during the coming years to test yourself and this desire. Pope Kyrillos, as a young man called Azer, was drawn to monasticism and lived a monk in the world since he was maybe your age. By the time he had finished studies, worked a number of years, he was sure that this desire is of God and not from Satan. He also knew that he was cut out for it.

    Other holy men might go through the same experience but it ends differently because God leads them in the way of marriage or consecration in the world and they also become saints. I am talking about laymen and not necessarily priests.

    Your questions are better directed to a monk, but I will try to help.

    Q: Why do people choose the monastic life? what is the actual purpose?

    A: It does not matter why other people choose the monastic life. Why do you want to choose this life?

    Q: what is the testing period like?

    A: Depends on the monastery, but in general, you will be helping a lot in the monastery work load and carrying a good chunk of it, and participating in all prayers.

    Q: Is it a calling and choice?

    A: In my opinion, a bit of both, like any other spiritual "lifestyle". The choice comes by preparing yourself for the calling, the calling comes by confirming the choice or directing you in some other way.

    Q: do monks still go to confession?

    A: Yes. They go often. They sin just like we sin, and some of them parish, and some become saints. It is just a way of salvation but it is not superior nor inferior to other styles of spiritual consecration. 

    May the Lord help you know his desire for you in the right time.
  • Thank you Stavro for a very well explained response! Pray for me during this time of final exams. God Bless
  • yes, He is risen indeed!
    do as stavro says.
    work hard on your spiritual life, pray, study for school, read the Bible, love everyone, help people in your home and outside it, forgive and love your enemies and also read the stories of the saints, and go to tasbeha (midnight praise) and, of course, to liturgy.
    all this will prepare you to be a good monk, the best husband, or a happy and contented single person.
    there is no rush to choose which!
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