Confession/Guidence Dilemma

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So I have a dilemma and I need help . I recently attended a purity retreat and everything I heard was very much needed. But one particular talk by a priest really got to me and I feel like i can talk to him better then my FOC ( who I don't really talk to ) and while I don't know him I feel like I can connect and talk freely with him. But is that wrong since I already have a priest in my church. And if I do, how do I go about it since I've never talked to him and his church is in a different state.

If you need more details ask or message me .
Because I feel like I should talk to his priest but I need guidance which I am praying about.



  • You should have a father of confession and a spiritual guide. both don't have to be the same person. if you feel the priest from far away is a better spiritual guide, then have it that way while you still have you current father of confession. people this that you need to have a relationship with your father of confession....i don't think that should be. He is like Christ on earth to hear your sins and absolve them. 
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