Saying Midnight Praise Madaye7 during Kiahk Mass Distribution, is this right?



  • Dear Copticandproud,
    are you aware that in the psalmody book there are seven Kiahk doxologies? Can deacons not sing them in longer tunes (i.e. mohayer)?
    secondly, it's a joke to have a refrain that is different in different languages.. a prime example of invention and innovation in the church..
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    On another note, what do you guys think of this For people who do not read Arabic, this is the from the Holy Synod's meeting of 05/26/2007. It says, "In the month of Kiahk, the refrain for psalm 150 is "The Begotten of the Father before all ages, came and took flesh from the Virgin." In Coptic, Pimici evol khen efiout khagaoi neoowon tero."

    We talked about this before. I can't find the link right now. The refrain, as you have written and as it used in many churches, is bad English and grammatically incorrect. "Begotten" is an adjective, never a noun. You can't use it as a noun. Unlike Arabic and Coptic, you can't make a noun out of adjective. It's like saying "I am the Big". Colloquially, it's done quite often. But proper English does not allow it.

    All New Testament translations of John 1 write "The only Son" for monogenyc. Now if you use "Only Son" instead of "The Begotten", you don't have a proper verb. You will need to write "The Only Son eternally born of the Father" or "The Only Son born from the Father before all ages". This is theologically and grammatically correct. But now you can't fit this text into the tune.

    The only viable solution is to keep the original tradition and not use a refrain. Using the current translation, in my opinion, is detrimental.
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