Coptic Website Design - Question

Do you like the design of this website?


  • What are you trying to accomplish with the site. you have a site, for to many things, an apple app, maybe android to, but you have no organized content...
  • Design is pretty nice. I like the idea. The '.org' is personally a dislike for me - just personal preference I guess, would rather seeing just 'Logos' as the app name, more common with rest of the apps.

    The rest of the design from a quick glance is pretty neat. The scope is heavy tho, Id be interested to see the whole scope to see if its user friendly. But from the looks of it seems pretty nice, good job.

    Would it possibly work offline eventually?

    God bless the work
  • Hi there

    I need a professional web designer to develop our existing church website. Please send me contact details of somebody if you have on below email

    [email protected]

    Thanks a lot
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