Psalia and theotokia

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I need the english text for wednesday - saturday psalia's and theotokia's if possible??

Ive been looking all over the internet ....i found nothing

If anyone has the text that would be good (so i wouldnt have to type it out myself!)



  • I think i have it cop,en, ar.
    i'll try to write it on the hymn library
  • Thanks Mina that would be great..

    Once i have finished with the project i am doing i'll post them all up from monday to sunday...its strange that i couldnt find it on the net?....does anyone have it in english??

  • for anyone who needs it, I just Added :

    Monday Psali
    Monday Theotokia
    Tuesday Psali
    Tuesday Theotokia
    Wednesday Psali

    In the Midnight Praises section in the text library

    If Anyone has the rest of the week can you please post it?

  • I have the arabic of the weekday psalmody, but it's full of errors, once it's checked (it can take a while :-\) i'll post it, if it's not uploaded yet...
  • Yeh The arabic would be a great bonus Hos Erof..take your time, good job

    Thanks heaps

  • Hello Shnoods:

    I found to you the full text of Holy Psalmody Book in 127 pages in pdf
    wretten in 5 columns:
    - Coptic
    - Arabic
    - English
    - Pronounciation in both Arabic & English
    This is the website
  • the problem with that file is that it's scanned, only pictures, so u cant take the txt and change and shape it the way u want it...

    the thing with the arabic txt i have is that we are working on a dutch coptic/dutch/arabic psalmody and a servant from church, god bless him, has typed the whole annual psalmody, but due to the amount it has a lot of errors. I think now we r done with the part of the sunday praise, and we'll continue after that with the weekdays, so anything that is finished, i'll try and post insha alla.
  • True dat....Thanks Safaa and Hos Erof

    The file doesn't have the Psali's for the weekdays...

    I'll just have to Type the rest of the theotokia's and Psali's out when i have the time hopefully by the end of the week.

    I was actually shocked to find NO ONE had typed it out before??...anyway when i finish i will post the rest up there...

    Your Brother
  • keep in mind that any coptic txt is available on,
    dont have to type that all over again...

    the only thing missing for now is the english and arabic
  • Yep will do!...i cant read arabic soo thats a bit difficult for me but the english is 'in the processes'...

    Thanks for your help Hos Erof
  • Heyo quick update...:

    Added the Saturday Theotokia (coptic/english)
    and Psali Batos for the Virgin
    (To be said for Raising of the Evening Incense on ordinary Batos days) (couldnt find the coptic on remenkimi.. it starts with "aisotem enicakh ente eti ekkekliseya")

    More on the way!...working on the saturday psali
    Your Brother

  • Coptic txt of the psali for the Virgin uploaded

    shenouda; feel free to copy the coptic txt and update ur file so that it contains both the coptic and english, and i'll delete mine...cause now the txt is all scattered ;)

    great job there with the english :)
  • DONE!!!...

    thanks for the encouragement and support Hos erof !!...


    Conclusion of Watos Theotokias
    Saturday Psali
    Friday Psali

    i Stole Friday Psali From Paulh.(thanks Paulh) it was in the vespers and matins section soo i stole it an put it in the Midnight praises section..that way their all there together

    Keep your encouragment comming coz i'll get lazy!!...ive been doing some every day....
    Ok ....left to do is....

    Wednesday Theotokia
    Thursday Psali
    Thursday Theotokia
    Friday Theotokia...

    and hopefully MORE enshalla....

    Your brother
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