Telling people you're praying for them? bad?

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Is it bad to tell your friends/family or anyone that you are praying for them.

For example. "How are you feeling? I've been praying about your situation"

Is that like something secret or is it okay to tell people that.

What are your thoughts and why?


  • I think it's great that you tell them that. A lot of times, that can lift their spirits, give them hope, show them that someone cares and remembers them.

    Assuming that you do, indeed remember them in your prayers.
  • Yep, I think it can be very encouraging at times to tell someone you are praying for them.

    Though for me, I often need to double check my motives. Am I saying it to encourage them? Or am I saying it for my own benefit for them to like me?
  • It's not bad, but why do you need to tell them?

    There is the common phrase 'rabena ma3ak' i.e. God be with you. But I don't see why you need to inform them that you are praying for them unless they ask you to pray for them?
  • In my opinion, it always depends. If you tell someone you're praying for them with the correct intentions, then yes, that's great! BUT if you have the intentions of receiving attention or something of that sort, then I would advise not to tell them you're praying for them ... but that doesn't mean you shouldn't continue to pray for that person. Like they say, the reward is bigger for those good deeds that are HIDDEN.
    God be with you.
  • I think that it is often good to encourage people by letting them know that you are sharing in their difficulties by prayer. It is only bad when we are trying to impress people, or might come across as being holy.

    I have always been encouraged by knowing that people are praying for me. If everyone always prayed without letting me know then I would be discouraged.

    The letters of St Paul contain a lot of references to mutual prayer.

    It is probably best to quietly just tell a person, 'I am praying for you', rather than announce it in front of a crowd. But if someone has a problem and needs to know that others are supporting them then it seems proper to let them know that you are doing so. It is for their encouragement and not our pride. If we are prideful then it is better to be silent and just pray.
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