Tasbeha - Heavenly Praise

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They say that Tasbeha is like heaven on earth, and those praying it are as though they are singing with the angels.

I've thought about this and found that it seems true in terms of the emotions derived from the melodies and music of some of the hymns, rather that the substance (lyrics) itself.

Off the top of my head, I'd sat the First Hoos (Khen Oshoot), Song for the Three Saintly Children (Tenen) and part seven of the Sunday Theotokia (Cemoti / Shere ne Maria), are the songs which cause the hair on the back of your neck to stand.

But looking into the spirituality of the words, I don't feel much; singing about the freedom of the Israelites from their slavery in the land of Egypt doesn't really stir me.

Does anyone feel the same way, or do I simply have the emotional range of a teaspoon?


  • These feelings you have are subjective and are caused by a lack of understanding concerning the Midnight praise. I will refer you to the following link which I encourage you to read in order to understand the spirituality behind the Midnight Praise.

  • when we sing of the israelites freedom, we remember it is a symbol of our own freedom from sin that comes with God's great plan of salvation.
    when we sing of pharoah's chariots being covered by the water, we remember the terrible end that awaits the devil and his fallen angels (our true enemies) and we rejoice that God will free us from temptation and all suffering in paradise.

    when we sing of the three children, we remember how God is near to all who suffer for their faith. Jesus Himself appeared in the flames with hananiah, azariah and mishael ('the fourth looks like a son of the gods') and we know that Jesus is with us in all our sufferings and he shares with us as we share in His suffering.

    i'm sure there are loads of other things in that link, but that is an introduction!
    basically all the tasbeha are singing the praises of God, proclaiming His greatness and commemorating the saints who have gone before us and who still encourage us. (see the 'great cloud of witnesses' in the book of hebrews).

    so when u go to tasbeha, meditate on the meanings of the words.
    if you don't know the songs well, just sing 'da da da' during the verses (or 'aaaaaaa eeeeee oooooo' if its in coptic!) and then join in the chorus or the last lines of each verse when they are repeated.

    if the hair is standing on the back of your neck, i think u r more emotionally developed than a teaspoon.
    more like a soup ladle...
  • can any one help me to download http://tasbeha.org/mp3/Praises/Midnight_Praises/St_Anthony_Monastery,_English_Midnight_Praises.html
    it says log in first but i am already logged in. help please. thank u.
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