something perplexing me a bit

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Proverbs of Solomon

Like a foul odour is it when a man of integrity lets himself sin

This may be my only topic on this forum as much as I love it

This topic is about something private but here it is. I feel bad to say this about someone important to me but I hope it is not too big of problem to say it.
I don't know if this is an all important topic but it may be

Things have been rather well for me with my health but I sometimes get bored and curious and just go astray a little bit.

I sometimes fall into lust because I feel at the moment other people do it and it may help me socially if I expose myself to more things in the world. Preferrably it has no lustful content but most things of today do :?

I suffered a little health problem which was causing me physical pain a while back which gave me a little bit of an excuse to indulge myself in sin a little.. however I could have controlled myself but it would have been tougher because I felt my sickness would not get better

I hope noone is suffering things more than they can handle

Now to the main point of my topic is this:
I told my mum because I felt bad and she says to me you are not to blame you are just a man.

Its not that I want to be punished by her but perhaps she should have treated the issue a little differently.

It seems like something the devil told her to say. So does my mother flatter me in this area?

I remember Father Anthony said the devil wants you to be tough on yourself like you are better than this

I may end up in the same pattern again and again because I feel my needs are not being met. I am suffering from this social problem very much



  • Loneliness and curiosity both lead to sinning. Always keep yourself busy with something, but not too busy so you don't forget God and prayer. And it's normal for everyone to go through that curiosity stage when you're young.

    As far as what your mother said, she is half right. Lol you are a man and things like this do happen and it's important to acknowledge that, but that is NOT an excuse for sinning.

    May God help you go in the right path. Pray for me.
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