Answer before saturday pls: How to teach children how to read the bible?

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Hey guys,

I hope u guys could answer me as soon as possible, cause today I have to prepare my lesson for Saturday in the church
about the Bible. The first time was easy, cause then I had to give the introduction about the Holy Bible
(like how many and which books in Bible, etc.) But now I have to teach them part 2.

How  could I easy explain children from 7 until about 10 years, how to read the Holy Bible? And also, how they can apply the Bible in daily life? Any advice? And what can I tell more?

Thank u,



  • kids are interested if they see someone doing something they love.
    so start by how exciting it is to read the Bible and how amazing it is that God has given us guidance for every situation in life.
    read psalm 8 and show how they can use it to praise the God of all creation.

    read anything, but start by showing them how much YOU love to read the Bible.
    if you don't love it, get a friend who does to help you in your lesson! seriously!
    kids learn by imitation, and remember it. they easily forget anything they feel forced to learn, so give them examples from your own life, and then also the life of the saints such as saint athanasius who wrote a long essay on the psalms. he used the psalms to praise God and to pary for help in difficult times, and this is how he was able to fight agaginst the devil.
    explain that we are not likely to have such strong attacks by the devil as he did (so they don't panic!) but say that we all have difficult things in life and the Bible is vital and more important and beautiful even than the air we breathe.
  • Thank u mabsoota, I'll try it. :)

    Anyone else?
  • [quote author=Retartet link=topic=11757.msg140621#msg140621 date=1309533509]
    You have to be very passionate when you speak to little children. Here's an example:

    Haha  :P

    Actually, sometimes I am TOO kind with children. That's a problem sometimes, because I can't keep them quiet and let everyone listen.

    Please, post more! How to explain to READ the bible and to apply it in their life....?
  • + You can teach them that before they start, they should do the sign of the Cross and say the verse "Open my eyes that i may see wonderous things from Your law" -Psalm 119:18. If God doesn't teach us His word, then there is no way any human can comprehend the depths of it.

    Then how to read the Bible - when they read the chapter or section from the Bible, they should actively try to understand what it's saying - the Holy Spirit works here. Then to sit for a moment and see what they can learn from it, this is where the Holy Spirit also works, because He sees a heart that is ready and willing to learn His word, so He'll intervene and will teach, guide and comfort by showing the person to learn a verse/s that day and/or a lesson connected to that verse (it will prob only take a minute or longer.. even though it's such a short amount of time it reaps blessings upon blessings).
    If they haven't understood the section, they should go to their Confession Father, or a parent or a servant.

    The next step is to try to remember the verse/s and/or lesson throughout the day and seek to please God when they are put into a situation where they should be applyed.
  • Thanks.

    Actually, today was a hard day. A higher class went bowling, so some kids were jealous that they didn't go. And
    It was kinda chaotic, 2 other's and me were trying for about 2 hours to get them quiet and tried to find a game for them they liked, but finally we just let them play in the garden and I decided to just give the lesson to those children who really wanted something to learn ( about 5 children). Thanks God those children were very motivated and smart, so it was not for nothing!
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