how is the pope chosen

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how is the pope chosen plzz tell me in as much detail as possible , sry for these silly questions but i really wanna kno wat happens exactly ;D thx


  • God chooses the Pope. I am attempting to use as much detail as possible.
  • hey beshoyrm,
    i'm not sure about this answer at all, so i hope someone can back me up/correct me on this.
    as far as i kno, names of several bishops are written on paper and are put onto the alter, then they pray over the names (maybe they do a mass, not sure). then one person, with the grace of God, pulls out one name from the alter, and whoever's name comes up, will be the Pope chosen by God.
    when being ordained, the pope recieves his papal staff from the alter, not anyone else, to signify that God is choosing him and giving him the staff to shepherd His people.

    i stand to be corrected here, so anyone feel free to add anything or fix anything!

    take care and God bless
  • Crazycopt,
    They call it the Holy Lot. But I heard that Pope Shenouda stopped that practice or changed it. anybody knows anything about this?
  • Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

    I honestly don't think we should worry about how the Pope is chosen. God knows and works through mysterious ways...

    If you really want to know however, I suggest on checking out the Official Pope website located at

    I don't know if much is written about it, however I think the best thing to do is to confront the source directly, so that no rumors are created. This can mislead our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • they put all the names in an envelope and a child picks or something of that sort i read it in a pope kyrillos book
  • no the practice has not been stopped as the process is one of Divine interevention and not of premature selection nature. The Holy Ecuminical councile gathers after the departure of the Pope (God bless H.H.) After vigilant prayer and fasting the council begins a process of recommandations of Bishops and Priests in the monastic order. Mass are raised daily till the Holy Spirit chooses the final three names. This is called the official selection lottry, in which all the Coptic Orthodox Churches around the world raise their voices together to the Lord on high asking for Guidance. After the mass in the Cathedral of St. Mark in Cairo, the oldest Bishop of the counil chooses a child (The symbol of purity) and the child handpicks a name. The person selected for the position of Papacy cannot reject the Order as it is of God. (In the last lottery it was. H.H. Pope shounda known as H.G. Bishop shenouda, abouna Matthew the poor, and I believe H.G. Anba Timethaweis);)
  • thanks for that explanation Psalmist
    its great i understood it perfect ;)
  • Glad to help 8) ;) :) :D ;D
  • May God keep H.H. life for us for another thousand years :)

  • U mean for many many many (infinity) more peaceful years. ;)
  • yea i like pope shenouda alot he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
  • Oh Merciful Heavinly Father hear the prayers of your servants, the Copts in Egypt and abroad, and keep the life of H.H. Pope Shenouda III for generations to shephard Your flock.
  • AMEN ! ;D
  • hahaha Saffa I love what u said and it rhymes. Righteous. lol
  • LOL yea it does ryhm didnt pay much attention to that the first time lol ;D
  • dude u did it again...we're gonna start a rhyming chain. lol ;D
  • LOL i just realized i did again , friend
    lol . . . . jk lol
  • every time...the message we post goes in a rhyme. Righteous ::) :P ;D :D :)
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