this world is becoming dirty and plain ugly

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gay marriage is about to be passed  in new york? omg what is this world coming to?

i mean people walk away from gods law and disobey him but same sex marriage holy you know what


i do not want it to happen


  • It was bound to happen sooner or later.

  • We wait for the next world. It might not happen in our generation. My opinion is the world will be much more corrupt before it happens.
  • gay marriage.
    thats mad gay.
  • That's what people want, that's what people get.

    Don't complain when you have to deal with the penalties.
  • ILSM,
    Who is "you"? The Gay community or New Yorkers? And what penalties are you talking about?
  • It's everybody.  

    Everybody... identifies those who champion these immoral causes.
    Everybody who lay silent and allowed it to happen.
    Everybody... is anyone that is desensitized to this immorality.

    Penalties:  the destruction of the moral fiber of our smaller community and the greater community of Mankind.
    The infiltration into our community which is causing a corrosion and decay.
  • Not everyone champions immoral issues like this. Not everyone is silent when it happens. Very many people are very sensitive to homosexuality's infiltration into our lives. Should the minority who objects, protest and despises homosexuality be blamed for any penalties or consequences? That wouldn't be just. The majority who endorses it or those who stay silent will be judged as God sees fit.
  • And then there are those cases like in my home state of California, where gay marriage legislation doesn't pass and that failure gets attributed to the undue influence of a minority of powerful bigots (Mormons, and Catholics, and Hispanics, OH MY!). I think we as Christians should face the fact that no matter where we find ourselves, the culture of immorality that surrounds us will hate us for "trying to force (our) religion on society". Nevermind that the other side forces their views and behaviors on society every single day...if there were a law about legislating gays out of effective participation in society, it would no doubt be struck down as unconstitutional. What a world!  :-\

    And for the record, I voted for the parental consent law in the last election (it is the closest thing to an anti-abortion bill that could probably ever get on a CA ballot), which lost. But you don't see me yelling at teenage harlots and pre-marital sex advocates over the failure of that law to pass, now do you? Gays and anti-Christians could take a page out of the Christians' playbook and shut up every once in a while.

    Truthfully I don't even think it is even remotely about what the majority wants or believes is moral anymore. The idea that "Christians are always trying to force their religion on us" has become such a part of the political discourse in America that to even suggest otherwise (let alone that the opposite is what is happening in practice, with anti-Christs trying to force their anti-religious views on us) just makes you sound crazy. I don't know what if anything is to be done to change this reality, but I do take comfort that we are in the world, and not of the world, so whatever happens we know our goals are much bigger and rewards much better than any political outcome.
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