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Good morning!
Guys I was wondering if any of you had any breathtaking liturgies you could possibly share with me. Thanks!


  • Hello Dany, Actually I do have one that you will love. I am just wondering if you know Abouna Anastasi St. Antony. Well he was at my church about a month ago and we happened to record his liturgy. He has an amazing voice and he is a great monk and priest. For all those who know him, they can back me up on that. The problem is, we are now in the process of editing it, so once it is finished maybe I can help you out. But for now, I ask that you please keep me in your prayers.

  • awesome!! thank you so much! i'll be praying for u n u pray for me!
    i won't forget bout the liturgy though
  • I LOVE abouna Anastasi! I just hope it's the same one.. he's around 27 and his church is in Hawii right?
  • Unless I am mistaken, I think we are talking about the same Abouna Anastasi. And yes he is the one from Hawaii.

    God Bless

  • he was here at my place a while back too!!
    o man, that monk is awesome!! his liturgies are like heaven on earth!

    AvvaAntoni, please inform us when you can have his litrugy available for us! i know many ppl that would love it!

    thanks and God bless you!

    Take care all...
  • For sure, Just pray for the success of the project.

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