Doxologyless saints

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hey guys

this random thought came across me the other day
do all of the saints have doxologys because for instance iw as looking for st. marina and st.bishoys doxology and could not fynd them anywhere so i was really surprised so if neone knwos nething about this

chris ;D


  • Dear copticchris,

    Let me start off by saying that doxologies are written by people like you or me to rejoice for the particular saint that he/she have reached their destination. Usually the last line is where we ask them to pray for us in front of the throne of God.

    Now just because you have not found a doxology for a certain saint does not mean that there is none, maybe you are not looking hard enough. Or maybe there just isnt (now this does not mean that they are not a saint, it just means that no one took the time and the blessing of writing one).

    I believe that there is a book, other than the psalmody that has the doxologies for most of these saints. Sometimes, some doxologies combine saints together, it is not mandatory to have each saint with their own doxology. For example you might find a doxology with both St. Antony and St. Paul together.

    I hope this helped.

    please pray for my weak soul:
  • Actually there are several compilation books as ancillary notations of Doxologies and Psalis. These books are found more in the Monasteries and in the printings of the Old Cathedral--St. Mark (in the Ezbakiya). These, naturally, are a suplement to the book of Psalmody.
  • i found e,m both thx neway aand nwo i ca what you mean
    but do any of you guys have a psalmody pdf or a pdf with any doxoologies at all
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