Anyone know Greek?

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Hey there!

Does anyone on this site know how to read modern Greek and translate a few things for me to English, and as a bonus to Arabic as well?



  • Anyone? Anyone know someone who does know Greek? Anyone actually know a Greek person who is willing to translate something... It's not a book or anything, just a page or 2 of information (not exactly sure how long to be honest).
  • you could use
  • [quote author=geomike link=topic=11003.msg133601#msg133601 date=1300802827]
    you could use

    Yeh I know Google translate very well, but it loses meanings in translation when it's not done right, it won't make perfect sense...
  • I know very limited Classical Greek, so I doubt I'd be able to help you.  Try looking for a Greek dictionary somewhere.
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