Help! Pope Shenouda wants the second islamic article to stay??



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    HH talks a little bit about the thinking behind the prevention of Copts' travel to Jerusalem in this interview (starting at 0:56, after HH talks about why the Vatican is wrong).

    Thank u a lot, this does make sense.

    Can anyone explain, why is the pope afraid from the israeli media, what's wrong with it? Again, no offense to anyone dear ppl, just wnt to know.

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    we are not supposed to go to al quds (jerusalem) as tourists as baba shenouda does not want to support the tourist trade as this benefits the israeli government very much and the israeli government is making life too hard for the palestinians, and there are many palestinian churches suffering.
    i discussed this with a bishop when i was invited to a friend's wedding in israel, and he said it was not terrible to go, but he would advise against it. in the end we looked at the prices of the hotels and flights and it was way too much.

    so if you go as a peace maker or for another good purpose, you should discuss it with your priest, but you are not advised to just go to do tourism.

    Thank u mabsoota, that does make sense.
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