Local "chapter" of Tasbeha?

I realize the way the topic title appears is a little concerning, but like many Orthodox Christians my age, there are not enough Orthodox young people to associate with an maintain friendships with.  I belong to a VERY small mission church in a small city just east of another city, and the next closest Orthodox church is Sts. Mary & Mark on the South East side of this big city.  I was wondering if there are any folks from that church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, who would feel comfortable sending me a message about some of the services over the next month so I can maybe arrange to attend one or two?  I was also hoping to find out if you have special nights for adults under 35 and over 18--the Protestant equivalent of "College and Career"?  I'm not trying to creep, just get to know people my own age who are Orthodox Christians--anyone who lives in North America will know what it is like to try to befriend Protestants and other such heterodox and realize that you cannot discuss and share about the most important part of your life: the Holy Orthodox Faith, simply because they don't share it. 
I appreciate any help I get. 


  • I'm not from the church, but I do have their site (I'm guessing you've already visited the site, but just in case). The link is here

    Please pray for me
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