Map for Is pateer

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Hello all,

Does anyone know where I can find a map for long Ei spateer. In coptic if possible.

Thank you,
God bless,


  • Check this out,

    Is pateer is one of the maps there. Hopefully you will find it useful.


  • Hello Hany,

    I actually looked at that website because I love the maps there but I could not find it.
    Where exactly can I find it?

    God bless
  • Hello,

    Thanks in advance.
  • Likewise I was unable to find it. Another question regard the Great Is Pateer, since I don't want to start a whole new thread. I've been listening to different recordings, and Cantor Gad Lewis' recording comes in at 16 minutes. Is he doing a special version of it or is it simply because he added the parts for the metropolitan/bishop?
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